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What is Wheel Alignment?

The correct position for your wheels is specified by the vehicle manufacturer, and your wheels will be set to this position during the manufacturing process or after work is done to your vehicle. This is known as wheel alignment, also known as wheel tracking.

Making sure your wheels are pointing in the right direction will improve vehicle handling, steering, and reduce uneven tyre wear.

What Causes Wheel Misalignment?

It may not take much for your wheels to become misaligned. Simple driving annoyances, such as a pothole or a kerb, can cause your wheels to move and misalign.

Your wheels can also become misaligned as a result of work on your vehicle’s suspension or steering, as well as when you change your tyres. It is always recommended that you have your wheel alignment checked after changing your tyres.

Common Reasons for Wheel Misalignment

The following are some of the most common causes of incorrect wheel alignment:


The toe measurement indicates which direction the wheels are pointing in relation to the vehicle’s centre. Incorrect toe measurement can result in poor handling and excessive, uneven tyre wear. This can be caused by incorrect adjustments or steering component damage.


The camber angle is the vertical tilt of the wheels that determines how much of the wheel is in contact with the road surface. When a wheel leans in or out of the true vertical, it can cause uneven tyre wear, poor handling, and the vehicle to pull to one side while driving.


The caster angle is created by steering pivots from the front to the back of the vehicle and is in charge of keeping the vehicle stable. Misaligned caster angles can make it difficult to control the vehicle.

How to Identify Wheel Misalignment

Wheel alignment and tracking issues are relatively simple to identify:

  • Uneven wear on tyres
  • When travelling, the vehicle pulls to the side
  • Wear and tear on your wheel bearings
  • Ineffective management
  • When driving, the steering wheel remains at an angle
  • Fuel consumption has increased

Book a Wheel Alignment Check

Do you suspect your wheels have become misaligned? RH Auto Engineering offers Wheel Alignment Checks. Contact a member of our helpful team at RH Auto Engineering for more information, including wheel alignment cost.

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